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Pressing for HLN coverage

Haitian Ladies Network, a community of 75,000 women of Haitian descent, readied to step into the advocacy role with their annual 2021 weekend. Perfectly positioned in Washington, D.C. and with the trust of their community, the themed the three-day symposium, "Igniting Our Power."

With 48 hours left before opening, HLN needed a concentrated message packaged and delivered for media coverage without disturbing the important information shared from speakers like White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor and immigration attorney Shannon Laguerre.

The Solutions

The Outcome

Not only did Haitian Ladies Network earn coverage (print, radio and television) from Washington, D.C. to Seattle with consistent messaging, the organization's steering committee was able to enjoy the event they worked hard to organize. Earned media included: Newsday, the Pulitzer Center and the Seattle Medium.



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