What We Need:

Email management

Social media management

Video editing


Graphic design

Email sequencing

CRM management


What You Need:

Basic computer skills

A computer with video

5-10 hrs/wk

Advanced team members:

Design landing pages

Oversee projects

Generate original ideas

As your business grows,

you find that you have more tasks than you have time to do.

That's where The Wright Sisters’ Apprenticeship comes in. It is a co-beneficial program for business owners willing to exchange mentoring from The Wright Sisters for back-end support services. (In short: To tackle business headaches together for both of our benefits.)

The Wright Apprenticeship lasts for 6 months and requires up to 5 to 10 hours of your time each week (dependent upon position).
But, remember, it's not all about our three businesses. We want you to build your business, too. As a TWS apprentice, you will get these tools for YOUR OWN BUSINESS for FREE:


  • (1) InnaBootcamp 

    • The Wright Sisters hold a quarterly boot camp to walk business owners through foundational business tools.

  • Monthly coaching sessions with each sister

  • Access to all TWS, WrightNow Results and Rae of  Light worksheets, tutorials and templates

The goal: In six (6) months, you will have built the following for your business:

  • Portfolio content

  • Business planning

  • Marketing planning

  • Viable financial projections

  • Team development and management

  • Client management

  • Lead-generating testimonials 

  • Hands-on experience with both front-end and back-end components of any online service provider

  • Possible referrals from -- or full-time position -- with The Wright Sisters