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The WNR Comms Academy

Our Signature Service

We were founded to (as our original elevator pitch says), "help you define your lines of Communications, so you can reach your audiences without breaking the bank or breaking your back."

The WNR Comms Academy fulfills of that original mission, using our network and success in strategic planning and Comms management.

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Training, Experts & Resources

 The WNR Comms Academy provides social impact professionals with the skills training, tools and expertise they need to fill in the Communications-related knowledge gaps at their organizations... without paying $50,000 for a completely outsourced Communications consultant.

WNR aims to work as annual Fractional Communications Department, but those services are sometimes:

  • Out of budget, 

  • Too heavy for current Comms needs,


The WNR Comms Academy supports you organization's team as you manage your Communications and Marketing in-house.​

You can register for the full WNR Comms Academy, purchase Visitor Passes for the training classes and work sessions, or explore the resources we have released from the Academy vault.

(All services are virtual, some are self-guided and others are live.) 

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