Need to Catch Cris?

Need to catch Cris and create captivating communications?

Cris carries a unique set of communications specialties in one brain, courtesy of a diverse communications career starting at age 8. With our "Catch Cris" services, you have Cris to lean on as you develop projects, organizations and ventures. 


  • Media relations

  • Brand development

  • Community relations

  • Content planning

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • Team development


  • Team management

  • Content management

  • Branding

  • Media prep

  • Hosting/moderation prep

  • Audience engagement


  • Graphics

  • Email sequences

  • Video editing

  • Copyediting

  • Bios/resumes

  • Speakers sheets

  • Pitch decks

other stuff

  • Project management

  • Internal processes

  • Policy development (related to comms)

  • Moderation

  • Website design

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Phases of you

The "Catch Cris" packages follow the WNR Planning Method​ of:

Any Good Plan


Analysis, Goals and Practice. 

Ask yourself where you are in developing the communications and/or marketing for your project. Then, determine how much content needs to be created at this particular time. Voilà.

Cris can help you at every phase of your organization. Which phase are you, depending on the age, size and efficiency of your communications/marketing and organization needs?


Monthly strategy session

Phase 1

This phase is for those who are:​​

  • Analyzing communications/marketing efforts.

  • Flushing out communications/marketing needs.

  • Formulating ideas for a new brand.


Monthly strategy session


90 min of deliverables

Phase 2

This phase is for those who are:

  • Organizing goals and KPIs. 

  • Setting up communications/marketing processes.

  • Needing Cris to appear regularly.


Monthly strategy session


8 hrs of deliverables

Phase 3

This phase is for those who are:

  • Putting your strategy into practice.

  • Developing/launching a campaign/brand.

  • Creating new content

All packages include:

  • A dedicated chat with Cris for on-the-fly questions. She responds personally within 24 hours.

  • A WNR team-managed project board to keep you informed and on task.

What's a strategy session?

Strategy sessions are 90 minutes long, during which Cris will plow through as much planning, training and nurturing as possible. These sessions are tailored to your needs based on your organization, its needs and your progress. Examples of agenda items during a strategy session: online presence audit, social media training, message development, etc.

What's a deliverable?

:Deliverables" include any items Cris or her team complete for you and your organization. Items include: graphic design, editing, press releases, video edits, etc.

Who's Cris, again?

Cris is a former reporter turned Communications guru. She founded WrightNow Results to un-complicate the massive job of Communications without breaking backs or banks. Cris has a wealth of knowledge surrounding all things Communications, marketing and startup basics. Check out her LinkedIn for more details.

Still not sure which phase you're in?

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