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... to Create More Winners!

Cris has an extensive career in journalism, business, team building and consulting, which has allowed her to build multiple ventures at once AND help her network strategize their own successes.

As the ultimate strategist, Cris is ready to help as many people as possible figure out, plan out and reach their ultimate goals.

She breaks it down, makes it plain and sets a foundation based on you!

… 🚨 Winners know how to communicate to…
✅ Get to the bag (revenue and donations)
✅ Build community
✅ Change the world!

Cris carries a unique set of communications specialties in one brain, courtesy of a diverse communications career starting at age 8. With our "Catch Cris" Advisory program, you have Cris to lean on as you develop projects, organizations and ventures. 


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Owner, Communications Strategist

Christina M. Wright
Call me "Cris"

Cris, a former government reporter turned Communications guru, started WrightNow Results in 2016. In her 15 years of experience as a Communications professional, Christina watched the very organizations serving our most vulnerable populations struggle to communicate with staff, stakeholders and the general public. She ached as one Communications Director after another harried in and out of rooms, wearing too many hats and making too many missteps. 


Christina now works with business owners and organizations to develop and implement strategic plans that end the running-in-quicksand experience and maximizes Communications and Marketing budgets.


If you need me,

I'll be in my (virtual) office 🙃

Every 2nd Friday of the month, I hang out in my virtual office space with anyone who needs to catch up with me. It includes my network, team, friends and even family. Come on by and ask me anything.

Info about me

Info about WNR services

Free editing

Free diversity advice

** If I'm busy with someone, hang out in the co-working lounge and get some work done while you wait. I'm usually no more than 30 minutes. **

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Cris's Bubble

"The Bubble" has long been a joke among my friends and family to describe the positive, community-focused world that I created for myself, regardless of whether the real world reflects it or not. 

After the around-the-globe stress of 2020, I decided to share my bubble with my closest network. For now, the Bubble is open to limited people at limited times. 

Catch Cris on CH (follow Cris)

The Bubble Lounge (invite only)


** This is the one space I do NOT invite debate or intellectual gymnastics. And I NEVER tolerate disrespect of others. Keep it light. **

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