The Inside Information

About WrightNow Results

WrightNow Results helps your organization strategically define your lines of Communications to save you money and frustrations. With a strong plan, team and training in place, you can rest easy knowing your Communications is truly driving your bottom line -- be it donations, profits or people.


To equip small businesses and organizations that have big missions with the tools to speak to their audiences without breaking the bank or their backs.


A world where nonprofits prioritize Communications budgets, strategies and value for the benefit of the programs who need funding, clients to serve and a unified community.


We define your lines of Communications for short- and long-term efficiency and accuracy in reaching your internal and external audiences.

Ultimately, we hope to strategize your Comms department from bottom to the top. 

Along the way, we organize, strategize and develop your teams and campaign marketing.

How We Work

Every WNR project leans on strategic planning and project management for success.


We always follow the WNR AGP Method:

Any Good Plan includes Analysis, Goals and Practice.

All services begin with:

(1) An analysis, then

(2) A plan based in measurable goals, then

(3) Development of Comms systems, team, training and tools, and

(4) THEN we launch.


Respect the power Communications holds.

Today’s world communicates (and has high expectations) on many tools; most Communications professionals specialize in only a couple of those. The wrong person managing the wrong tool can taint your audience quicker than ever before. 

Focus on Strategic Planning. 

With endless channels available to distribute your messages internal and externally, it is essential to plan your steps with close attention to needs, resources & goals. This will help you (and your team) to stay away from rabbit holes that net little-to-no results.

Hire where your budget is.

If you have $40k-$60k budgeted for Communications staff (not accounting for auxiliaries), you’re not ready for a Communications Director. Hiring a Director (and maybe one additional staff member) results in burnout and crude products in a savvy world. 

Set boundaries.

Create policies, procedures and style guides to help your Communications team effectively carry out their day-to-day goals (as dictated by your Strategic Communications Plan).